In Stewe I trust

La persona che faccio fatica a delineare
č la ragazza col bicchiere d'acqua..
E' al centro eppure
ne č fuori...

adesivo by LunaDiFumo adesivo by LunaDiFumo

adesivo by LunaDiFumo adesivo by LunaDiFumo

Do you want to know what your tarot card is?
Death is the single most misconstrued card in the tarot deck. When most people see this card they immediately associate it directly with a physical death which it almost never means. Death represents change, and more specifically change for the better. Symbols associated to this type of change would be a caterpillar changing into a butterfly or a flower bud opening up to reveal a beautiful bloom. Death also represents a releasing of spirit or a releasing of an old outdated way of thinking. Only when the caterpillar is completely ready will it spin a cocoon and make its change. Likewise, people will naturally change when they are ready and life will provide the means in which to initiate this change. Trying to Force someone’s system of belief should be considered just as unwarranted as trying to take someone’s life physically. The Death card represents positive change into a higher state of consciousness, one that is much more understanding and considerably more aware.

An outright refusal to change, hanging on to old outdated ways of thinking and acting. Refusing to mature and accept the beautiful changes life has in store. The unfortunate state of remaining stagnant until all opportunities have passed and been exhausted.

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